Labrador Retriever: A Loyal Domestic Family Dog

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For many American families, owning a dog or cat is a key part of family life. When considering the adoption or purchase of a new family dog, there are a variety of issues to be considered. As a common thought, pure bred dogs will offer a more valuable investment. As a result, when considering a pure breed canine adoption, consider the Labrador Retriever; offering a unique addition the family dynamics in terms of personality, history, characteristics and care requirements.

Labrador Retrievers have a rich breeding history especially in terms of the gaming sport. As an excellent hunting companion, Labradors, historically, were bred for the sole purpose of hunting and gaming sporting companions. With a loving, playful and loyal disposition, many families, today, are choosing to own Labrador Retrievers as domestic family pets. With significant canine intelligence, training the Labrador Retriever, in basic family manners, will be relatively simple.

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When considering the purchase or adoption of a Labrador Retriever, ensuring the dog is of pure breed will provide for the most optimal domestic dog owning experience. Characteristics of a pure breed Labrador Retriever are usually found in the markings consistent with a very short coat in one solid color: black, yellow or brown, also known as chocolate. With black as the most common Labrador coloring, brown is the most unique, and therefore, considered a rare and more valuable dog breed. In addition to coat texture and color, the Labrador will stand tall with a strong build with a tail that whips about and stands tall.

Caring for a Labrador Retriever is also an advantage to this dog ownership. With a dense coat that repels water, the Labrador Retriever is a hearty dog who lives well in colder climates. While disease and ailments are rare to the Labrador Retriever, the dog owner will still require a commitment of time and love. Full of energy, the Labrador Retriever will require daily interaction with the dog owner to ensure his full physical needs are met. To ensure the most optimal outcome for training, the Labrador Retriever will need to have training reinforced, consistently, until the age of two as the Labrador puppy will continue to grow, intellectually, physically and emotionally, during the fist two years of life.

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With a life expectancy of up to 15 years, Labrador Retrievers will provide for a long term addition of love and happiness to your family group. As a compassionate dog, full of grace, it is no mystery as to why Labradors have become the most popular domestic canine in the United States.

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